Looking in the mirror this morning,

I thought I saw your face a borning

in my own reflection.

It wasn’t a deception,

in truth I could surmise

your own brown – in my brown eyes.

And in the frame of that clear space

I saw the oval of your face.

I placed my fingers on your cheek

half expecting you to speak.

And when I touched your tender lips

you softly kissed my fingertips.

In that mystic magic mirror

our love had reached a new frontier.

With our features merging tightly

I saw our faces strobing brightly:

my face, your face, then both of ours

in sunny fields of fragrant flowers.

me, you, moi, vous,

one of us, and then two.

Then one again in that frame

for in our love we are the same.

Same in spirit, soul, and mind,

same in front, same behind.

Same today, and tomorrow,

sharing joy, sharing sorrow.

First we’re separate, then we’re twins

shredding logic, shedding skins.

And my dear it came to pass

that in that magic looking glass,

I could no longer see

who was you and who was me

For I am you and you are me

joined in some eternal we.

Seeing us people say

not he, nor she, but rather they.

And all the earth under our sun

will look at two and see but one.



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