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In Search of Marvin Gardens

Jerry Gervase: In search of Marvin Gardens I never was good at board games, particularly Monopoly. There is an intangible luck/skill ratio in Monopoly that forever eluded me. While my two older brothers put up houses and hotels on that … Continue reading

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FACES Looking in the mirror this morning, I thought I saw your face a borning in my own reflection. It wasn’t a deception, in truth I could surmise your own brown – in my brown eyes. And in the frame … Continue reading

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How to Really Reduce Our National Debt

Friday, January 28, 2011 HOW TO REALLY REDUCE OUR NATIONAL DEBT The battle between our two political parties on how to reduce the size of our 14-trillion dollar national debt is never ending. One party wants to slash and burn. … Continue reading

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