Don’t go to Hugo

HUGO: (3D) Surely there is a point to this movie but it seems to be irretrievably lost in director Martin Scorsese’s eyebrows. The movie begins slowly before working its way up to a glacial pace which endlessly stretches out its two hour viewing time. The movie is filled with clocks which constantly remind us that time is a-wasting and we’re wasting our time on this movie. When viewed in 2 dimensions it is a flat, dull, pointless movie. When viewed in 3D it is a dull, pointless movie, with layers of cinematic affectations that give the movie goer the chance to spend about four dollars more for a ticket. One pleasant surprise is the performance of Sasha Baron Cohen, who foisted that colossal abomination, “Borat” on us five years ago. The man can actually act and his portrayal of a train station inspector is the high light of the movie. Also, on the plus side,  I got to keep the special glasses that allow one to view the movie in 3D. Maybe I can use them to see “Titanic,” when it is released in 3D next year. Just think, I’ll be able to see James Cameron’s whopping ego in 3 dimensions.

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3 Responses to Don’t go to Hugo

  1. Phyllis Shane says:

    Wow! We won’t be putting that one on our Netflix list!

  2. Malcolm W Citron says:

    I thought most movies these days could fit your description of this one. What was the name again?

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