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Politics can be hellish

There are still 10 months until the 2012 elections and I am already sick of the campaigning. The debates, the constant advertising barrage and the endless political spin from pundits have brought on nightmares about the process. I awoke in … Continue reading

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The Golden Globes of Politics

I didn’t watch all of the Golden Globe Awards show last Sunday. I gave up when the Hollywood Foreign Press gave Martin Scorsese the Best Director award for his movie, Hugo, which is a dreadful movie, the point of which, … Continue reading

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WWND – What would Nixon do?

The other day, a car passed me sporting a bumper sticker that read “What Would Nixon Do?” I smiled and almost said out loud: “Hey buddy, right on.” When I look at the current political climate, I like to rearrange … Continue reading

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Political speak – what it really means

“All politics are local” – A corrupted translation of the phrase “all politicians are loco.” “He’s running a grass roots campaign” – He has no financial backing. “We have to break the gridlock in Washington”  – This has nothing to … Continue reading

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Horsey come home!

WAR HORSE: Here is an example of how hype can get you to see a movie. The trailers I viewed in movie theaters and on television promised a devastatingly dramatic, dashing, adventuresome movie. The extracts from the trailer were breathtaking … Continue reading

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Look Out for 2012

The Swami has windexed his crystal ball, indexed all the news, and texted the great prognosticators from the Oracle at Delphi to the Oracle at Oz. In short, he has looked into the future. Here is what he sees for … Continue reading

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