Horsey come home!

WAR HORSE: Here is an example of how hype can get you to see a movie. The trailers I viewed in movie theaters and on television promised a devastatingly dramatic, dashing, adventuresome movie. The extracts from the trailer were breathtaking – sweeping battle scenes, bombs bursting in air, as a magnificent horse charged through minefields, trenches, and charged into hell carrying sabre armed officers. And, (and this is a big AND) it’s a Spielberg movie. That’s what the movie promised. What it delivered was a picture that was saccharine, sappy, soppy, and sloppy (war is not only hell, it is muddy)

It should have be titled: “Horsey Come Home” Instead of a faithful golden collie we have a faithful throwback to Mr. Ed. No the horse didn’t talk but it was so smart that if it had smaller hooves it could have sent text messages on an iPaddock. Horsey and Timmy (actually, the horse is Joey, and its sidekick is Albert) get in and out of so many perilous situations that I half expected Joey to go prancing and snorting up to the farmhouse urging Albert’s parents to follow it, with the mother saying: “Goodness, Albert must have fallen into the well.” But the movie didn’t only remind me of the Lassie series. There is a goose right out of “Friendly Persuasion,” or maybe it wandered on the War Horse set while it was filming AFLAC commercials. But wait, there’s more reminders of other films.  There is a scene where Joey almost fills the entire screen. There is a sunset in the background with  a magnificent golden, orange, purple sky. I could almost hear the theme from “Gone With the Wind” playing and the horse saying “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.”


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  1. gin says:

    Well, Jerry, the film is based on a KIDS’ book, so it’s gonna be closer to “Lassie” than it is to “War + Peace”

    • Jerry Gervase says:

      Gin, thanks for writing. It isn’t marketed as a Kids movie, though. I’ve talked to several adults who saw the movie and were disappointed. I went to a 3:00 PM showing on a Sunday and there were no kids in the audience.

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