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AT&T At Pebble Beach

FROM THE FIRST EDITION OF THE NEW MONTEREY BAY NEWS AND VIEWS Samuel F.B. Morse knew a good place for a golf course when he saw one. He convinced his board that the course could be maintained by sheep and … Continue reading

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What’s new Jerry?

  THIS IS MY FIRST COLUMN FOR THE NEW PUBLICATION – MONTEREY NEWS AND VIEWS. PLEASE LOOK FOR IT ON NEWS STANDS AROUND THE COUNTY What’s in a name? The last column I wrote for The Monterey Herald was titled: … Continue reading

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Democrats are too darn funny

You can’t make this stuff up, said a famous late-night television comedian. The line is perfect for this Democratic administration, in which the president’s policies have joke writers scurrying to get into the cheese line. This really isn’t funny, but … Continue reading

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Only 46 more states to go

It was a great week politically. Ron Paul challenged his fellow presidential hopefuls to a 25-mile bicycle ride. Newt Gingrich accepted if the ride was on the moon. Mitt Romney preferred the ride to be on the Cayman Islands so … Continue reading

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