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When God created the universe he was pleased with his work. He gave himself a high-five when he created Adam. But when he made Eve … ah, that’s when he was showing off. Men are interesting creatures, often mysterious, flamboyant, combustible, phlegmatic, yet rather predictable, too. But women – now that’s another story. Each woman is a universe unto herself. Women are cosmic, sidereal, celestial, they have apogees and perigees. The have equinoxes, globular clusters, latitudes, luminosity, and meridians. They have meteorite  showers, moons, Milky Ways, and morning stars. They have solstices and spectrums. And like our moon they wax and they wane. In short they are far more complicated than men.

Everything that is good, decent, admirable, imaginative, resourceful, or desirable about myself is due to my associations with women. I truly believe that I have a feminine side to me … and that is the better side of me.

It has been my good fortune to have been associated with some remarkable women. I spent 45 years with one of them. It would have been more but she was victimized by that scourge that takes away so much beauty in our lives … breast cancer.

Here is something she once wrote in a journal:

I am still working and feeling very well. I go for chemo every week. I have a drug called Herceptin every week and then every 3rd week I also get Taxol. I have virtually no side effects from the Herceptin, but the Taxol gives me 3-4 days of joint and muscle pain, which starts on the 2nd day after the treatment. So, I have my treatments on Wed.; the pain starts on Friday afternoon and the two worse days are Sat. & Sun., when I am at home. I also have some neuropathy in my feet, but it’s not too bad. The tumors are shrinking and that’s a good thing.

If she had a flaw it was to understate her symptoms and pain. Privately she described the pain in her legs as being shot with a thousand needles. The tumors stopped shrinking, began growing and she died a few months after writing this.

Today it is virtually impossible not to know a woman who was taken from us by breast cancer. That is why I am asking you to join our team. For the past nine years my children have participated in the Revlon Run/Walk for Women. I will be joining them in Los Angeles on May 8 to help raise money to battle breast cancer.

You can join our team by pasting this website in your browser:

2012 LA EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women The team Captain is my daughter, Jenny Braga. We are not asking you to sell the farm to make a contribution. We are looking for five and ten dollar donations. Of course, if you want to sell the farm and donate the proceeds we would accept your generosity in a most gracious manner.

Oh, the name of the team? It’s Team Helen. I don’t have to regale those of you who knew her with the characteristics that made her so remarkable. To those of you who didn’t know her please believe me when I say she left us too soon — just as friends and relatives of yours have been taken away before their time. Defeating breast cancer will be a team effort. Please join our team.



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2 Responses to Please Join Our Team

  1. Lori Howell says:

    This article touched my heart in so many ways. God bless you and your family…mostly the journey to fight breast cancer.

    God bless,
    Lori Howell

    • Jerry Gervase says:

      Lori, thank you for such kind words. I’m pleased you took the time to look at the website.

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