Al Gore said the altitude in Denver affected the President’s debate performance. I think Al was right. From his demeanor during the debate President Obama certainly appeared above it all.

Gov. Romney wants to eliminate Sesame Street. The President was looking so down in the mouth during the debate that we might be saying goodbye to Big Bird, the Cookie Monster, and Obama the Grouch.

Democrats keep harping on the fact that President Obama inherited the worst economy we’ve ever seen. Likewise we’ve inherited the worst president the economy has ever seen. Deficits are so big we can’t contemplate them. We used to speak of the government as nickel and diming us to death. Now it is billion and trillion-ing us to death.

Gas prices have really gone up in the last week. I put twenty dollars’ worth in my tank and the needle on the gas gauge went all the up to “E.” I can’t really blame OPEC. I don’t think OPEC members are making that much money from the price increases. If they’re so rich why are they walking around wearing bed sheets.

I don’t know if Paul Ryan plays tennis but have you ever wondered why we never see him in the same room with Novak Djokovic. Could they be the same guy?


Yikes! We’re really in trouble now. The State Department has hired the Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator to design a plan to protect our overseas embassies.

The problem with watching the baseball playoffs on TBS is having to sit through the promos for all of their bad television shows. They usually end the promo with “TBS very funny!” I’ve seen many of those shows and they’re very scummy. Also the baseball playoffs have a lot of commercials for erectile dysfunction products. One of them advises that if you should call your doctor if you have an erection lasting longer than four hours. Heck, at my age if that happened to me I’d call the Smithsonian.


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  1. Tom Bottaro says:

    I’ve forgotten–what’s an “erection”?

  2. Deb Schulte says:

    Always great to hear your good thoughts Jerry! Hope all going well w you! From your Pal Deb

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