When did Liberals become Progressives? Among the synonyms for Liberal are open-minded, generous, abundant, substantial. Some synonyms for Progressive are reformist, enlightened, tolerant. I always found Liberals in government have been abundantly generous with other people’s money. Now that they are Progressives they want us to be more tolerant of their generosity.  Perhaps, they thought Liberalism had acquired some kind of disapproval among voters. I’ve always distrusted organizations that change names to put a better spin on what they truly advocate. I know that  a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But it’s pretty much the same for Limburger cheese.

I think Joe Biden is such an outspoken advocate for Obama Care because there’s a chance it may cover hair plugs, or any other cover ups by this administration.  During the VP debates Biden blamed the misinformation coming from the Benghazi terrorist attack on an Intelligence Service, obviously eliminating the White House as a source of blame. The cover up over the killing of our ambassador has become the equivalent of a political comb over.

UN Ambassador Susan Rice appears to be an African American.  However, apparently she has a lot of Italian blood because the White House hung her out to dry like a big salami.

Paul Ryan must have been terribly surprised at the Vice-Presidential Debate. He expected the Democrats to send an adult to represent them. The smiling, mockingly smarmy, interruptive Joe Biden did everything but throw a hissy fit when he didn’t get his way. Joe’s pained facial expressions certainly put the “pain” in campaigning.

The Administration is touting the “dramatic” drop in unemployment from 8.1% all the way down to 7.8% as evidence that the economy is moving in the right direction. That’s like drowning in a swimming pool with eight feet of water. But instead of getting help from the lifeguard,  he yells: “don’t worry, you’ll be fine because the water level went down three inches.”

Pre-existing conditions not covered under Obama Care: Ass-kickings by your political opponent; Back bone replacement surgery  due to slumping over a lectern;  teleprompter-ectomy – once it’s removed you cannot get it back for the next debate; high colonics – you’ve already had the crapped knocked out of you.

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  1. Tom Bottaro says:

    Jerry, you are too nice describing Joe Biden’s demeanor at the debate last night, He might have made a good point or two, but I stopped listening 10 minutes into it. The guy is quite simply an asshole…..

  2. Jerry Gervase says:

    Tom, let’s hope not as many people vote for his running mate

  3. Mal Citron says:

    Jerry, stick to local issues. There are plenty of political commentators, but the number of local opinionators have shrunk to its lowest level ever. I wish you could come out of hiding and get back into the local paper.

  4. Jerry Gervase says:

    Mal, It is difficult following the local pols. Much easier to pick on the national guys because of the coverage they get even at the risk of alienating all the “progressives” in this area. No chance I’ll ever get back into the Herald. I’ve been writing for the Monterey Bay News & Views. It’s a freebie like the Weekly and the Pinecone. You can find it pretty much where you see those two papers.

  5. Mal Citron says:

    Jerry, I might add that introducing foul language, even when initiated by a commenter, is to open a Pandora’s box of future invectives that will only hurt your position as an authority. Please consider disallowing “curse words.” I don’t think calling Biden an a…..e enhances your position, and as usual, it tells us more about you than it does about Biden.

  6. Raymond Groo says:

    I agree with Mal about the language, Jerry. Bring them up to your level, don’t drop down to theirs. Think Safire. What would he have done?

    • Jerry Gervase says:

      Ray, you’re right of course. I was replying to someone who had used the word in his comments. I’ve edited it out.

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