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Starting Friday, April 5, my new column will become part of the weekly newspaper, The Carmel Pine Cone. It will be called Scenic Views and will appear in the paper’s real estate section. The column will have a real estate angle but won’t be a facts and figures data base. I’ll be able to inject myself into it and add some quirkiness to it. In essence it won’t be much different than what I did for 8 years for that other paper. I hope you’ll look for the Pine Cone or find it on line at That will take you to a window that will give you several choices – the 2nd one being “A download of this week’s edition ….   Click on that and you’ll get a page with three more choices – the 3rd one will allow you to download just the real estate section. Please check it out and tell all your friends. And it wouldn’t hurt if you told the editor you liked the column.


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3 Responses to NEW COLUMN

  1. Deb Schulte says:

    This is great to hear Jerry! I read the Carmel Pine cone each week! From Deb

  2. Malcolm W Citron says:

    The “Other paper’s” loss is the Pine Cone’s gain. Congratulations!

  3. Diana Haley says:

    Congratulations…now more people can enjoy your talent

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