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Horsey come home!

WAR HORSE: Here is an example of how hype can get you to see a movie. The trailers I viewed in movie theaters and on television promised a devastatingly dramatic, dashing, adventuresome movie. The extracts from the trailer were breathtaking … Continue reading

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Don’t go to Hugo

HUGO: (3D) Surely there is a point to this movie but it seems to be irretrievably lost in director Martin Scorsese’s eyebrows. The movie begins slowly before working its way up to a glacial pace which endlessly stretches out its … Continue reading

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I can’t wait to see the next episode

 I strive to avoid using clichés but sometimes it is unavoidable. All good things must come to an end, and my stint as a columnist for The Herald has ended. I never thought my run in this spot would last … Continue reading

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