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C’MON MAN! IT’S ONLY POLITCS Al Gore said the altitude in Denver affected the President’s debate performance. I think Al was right. From his demeanor during the debate President Obama certainly appeared above it all. Gov. Romney wants to eliminate … Continue reading

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Only 46 more states to go

It was a great week politically. Ron Paul challenged his fellow presidential hopefuls to a 25-mile bicycle ride. Newt Gingrich accepted if the ride was on the moon. Mitt Romney preferred the ride to be on the Cayman Islands so … Continue reading

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Politics can be hellish

There are still 10 months until the 2012 elections and I am already sick of the campaigning. The debates, the constant advertising barrage and the endless political spin from pundits have brought on nightmares about the process. I awoke in … Continue reading

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The Golden Globes of Politics

I didn’t watch all of the Golden Globe Awards show last Sunday. I gave up when the Hollywood Foreign Press gave Martin Scorsese the Best Director award for his movie, Hugo, which is a dreadful movie, the point of which, … Continue reading

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Political speak – what it really means

“All politics are local” – A corrupted translation of the phrase “all politicians are loco.” “He’s running a grass roots campaign” – He has no financial backing. “We have to break the gridlock in Washington”  – This has nothing to … Continue reading

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